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Many customers come into home décor store not knowing exactly what they want. Household decoration consists of family heirlooms, individual pieces picked up from various antique stores, gifts from friends or family or items that were chosen based on personal taste. When a customer is ready for a change, or wants to reflect a certain image in their home, it takes a professional to know how to make those changes happen and explain the various styles of décor that are available for purchase.

The Traditional Style of decorating includes items that may be seen in common furniture showrooms. Most furniture is understated with clean lines, neutral colors and simple patterns. Accessories include items like floor vases in muted tones, pairs of lamps or other items placed in a balanced manner and accents that blend in with the calming feel of the room. A traditional room tends to reflect a “homey” atmosphere, expressing a love of family and friends that welcomes people into a home with a smile.

Classic styles of decorating depend mostly on the time period or region that is considered “classic.” History and the love of antiques dictate this style above function, bringing in unique elements, colors and memories of times past. Depending on the style that is defined by “classic,” such as Classic Country, Classic French or Classic Victorian, rooms will contain the colors and styles that were “new and modern” during those time periods. Great examples of classic décor can usually be found in many bed and breakfast hotels and other historic establishments. Those who choose any classic style are more likely to utilize colors and textures over the function of furniture and accents.

Modern décor has its roots in Scandinavia, where clean angles and lines dominate the style. Modern furniture is lower to the ground than most other products, can also reflect an Asian feel, uses a neutral color palette, and is perfect in large, open spaces. Geometric designs and furniture placement defines this style, as well, but the accessories in modern décor may be where the individuality occurs. Floor vases can be oversized, texturized or display patterns that mimic or contrast the geometric lines of the room itself. Wall art is minimal, and incorporates blacks, reds and simple designs and illustrations over paintings and colorful prints.

Midcentury furniture and interior design is a branch off the Modern styles, bringing those same design elements together with a touch of classic design thrown in for luck. Midcentury concepts today also include plenty of modern materials, bringing classic style together with today’s durability and sustainable needs.

Whether your customer’s style is traditional, classic or modern, you can be sure to impress with your knowledge of how to decorate a room in a defined style. Take your own inventory and show them how they can incorporate a modern floor vase into their traditional décor. Demonstrate how easily traditional styles of décor can be updated into a more modern feel by using the right accessories and accents. Be the expert your customers need to make their home decorating dreams come true, and they will keep coming back for your professional advice, products and knowledge.

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